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Interceramic Contessa Ceramic

Interceramic Contessa Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile

A space with Contessa ceramic floor tiles is a space that is well loved. Interceramic tiles aim for unique spaces that can really turn heads and catch people’s attention. The Contessa selection will make your neighbors jealous without requiring that you smash your piggy bank because although the tile looks like expensive limestone or marbled granite, it is actually made of a tougher glazed ceramic. Usually when people think of natural stone we associate it with excessive opulence, which comes with a hefty price tag – this isn’t the case with the Contessa tiles. This collection screams extravagance without giving away your thrifty spending habits. With these tiles any space will look like a palace, but you can actually save your money for that gold iPhone once it is back in stock again. Who says you can’t have it all?

Contessa tile is made from a manufactured stone, and yet it is indistinguishable from the real deal. As an added bonus, the ceramic is less of an investment and less of a hassle than natural stone tiles. We are not cavemen. Lighter, cheaper, and easier to install, manufactured stone is the modern day answer to the majestic look that any fashionable royalty would want in their chambers.

They might not come with a title or crown jewels, but this classic stone look will certainly improve your social standing in the neighborhood. Available in both Cameo and Pearl, give yourself the palace that you know you deserve.