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Interceramic Decorative Accents Ceramic

Interceramic Decorative Accents Ceramic

Some women can never have enough colors of eye shadow, lipstick, purses or shoes, and some men can go just as crazy with their tie collections. This proves that we love to change up a pop of color to match our moods, change our energy, or just to impress others with what fashion guru Tim Gunn would call “a major wow factor”. Well now you can do the same thing with tile colors in your home! Introducing the Decorative Accents collection by Interceramic! With over 100 colors to bring any room to life, there is absolutely no reason why your home should look like a sanitarium! Thin 0.5” x 8” pencil liners, 1.5” x 8” cordons, 2” x 8” strips and rectangular 4” x 8” ceramic listels make great accents for borders, chair rails, or anywhere you wish to add a touch of whimsy! The electric blue of Pure Cobalt, the buttery warmth of Dijon, or the clean touch of Absolute Black are just some of the many colors you can play with. It’s like having the big box of crayons with the sharpener built into it. All your friends will want to play with you because you have the coolest tiles in the neighborhood. And no, I don’t have any unresolved childhood issues. Why do you ask? While we are under no illusion that you will stop your lipglass buying binges at MAC or your compulsive silk tie shopping that will make you the next Charlie Rose, we do know that you will appreciate the touch of beauty that the Decorative Accents collection will bring every room in your house. These tiles usually ship in 2-5 days so you can live an even more colorful life within the week!

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