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Interceramic Geologic Porcelain Tile

Interceramic Geologic Porcelain Tile

Interceramic’s Geologic porcelain tile collection will have to do the job of gratifying all of your self esteem needs simply by being its own polished and smart self. Unlike the thousands of hours you have to put in to make yourself look presentable everyday, the Geologic from Interceramic just has to sit in your hallways, your living, your kitchen and your bathroom and look pretty for all the “oohs” and the “aahs” coming your way. This is way much more time saving than trying to impress people with your physical appearance. Just give them a tour of your house!

This subtle yet saturated colored stone look of this porcelain tile has an earthly appeal in a natural buff hue and is available in three different format so you can fill up small living areas pretty well for less the amount of tiles. Try a fashionable decoration idea using the Interceramic’s Geologic for small living rooms in your little Scottish cottage house or in an urban inner city apartment. Even a mixed variety of contemporary and traditional embellishment for main interior areas will work great with Interceramic’s Geologic.

There are five subtle but classy colors available under the Geologic collection so you have to spend a lot of time wrecking your brains over what hues you prefer for your interior decoration. Choose from Strata Ivory, Cliff Gold, Peak Beige, Quarry Bronze and Graben Grey. If you are planning to have cave paintings print rugs or posters in your living room, you may use beige tiles like the Peak Beige or the Quarry Bronze as your complementing background. These color spectrums are not easy to go wrong with so you should trust it.

If poster prints are too tacky for you and you want to try something different, think about painting your own walls or using stencils instead of installing tiles. Stick the tiles to the flooring and be done with it instead of having it all around you.