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Interceramic GeoTech Porcelain

Interceramic GeoTech

Interceramic has done it once again! One of the most environmentally responsible flooring companies brings the best of technology together with the basic elements of nature to create a superior flooring floor tile! Introducing Interceramic’s GeoTech line of porcelain tiles! Streaked with opaque colors inspired by stone and wood, mineral and water, GeoTech floor tiles are at once a contemporary yet still feature organic beauty. Choose from one of six shades to adorn your home with. Geoblack Narural is a soft and supple blend of mink browns and inky blacks that adds depth and visual dimension to any room. Geogrey Natural is a striated mix of tan-grays and charcoal that are softer look than concrete but not as chiseled as slate. Soft and strong, this tile is a foundation piece around which to build the rest of your room’s design. Geoblue Natural evokes to glacial hues of milky lavender blue ice. A great look that installs in no time! Geored Natural expresses the dark earthen reds of desert mesas and wet clay riverbeds. Geogreen Narural looks as if it was just cleaved from a jade quarry. Mottled with blue-greens and grays, this is a mesmerizing tile that will captivate you for years to come! Geowhite Natural is a clean and light tile that evokes ivory, linen, and bone. Very elemental this is white with out being clinical or severe. Large-dimension tiles make a visible impact when you walk into the room. 24” x 24”, 12” x 24”, and 8” x 12” sizes demand attention and cannot be ignored. They will stand up to the largest architectural spaces and the boldest interior design!