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Interceramic Interglass Glassique

Interceramic Interglass Glassique

Interceramic’s Glassique is a play on words of “classic” and “glass” which is what this mosaic glass pieces are presented as if you still haven’t understood the meaning. If you have been meaning to redecorate your home with more mosaics inspired decoration than this collection is something for you to consider. There are two different sizes available under this collection together with many different solid color mosaic or mixed color mosaic.

If you are planning to have a lot of blue in your home to be matched with white curtains or dark blue furnishings, try to see if Interceramic Glassique Stark, Powder or Blueberry glass mosaics may be something suitable for you. Glassique’s Stark will be become a cool looking blended background for a white painted kitchen cabinet with metal trimmings.

Going for neutral colors are easy with Interceramic Glassique’s Putty, Custar and Fudge with their light brown and dark brown offering. In between, you may want to consider the Glassique’s Pomegranate Glossy too for beautiful maroon shades in your home. Mix in dark rich velvet or leather upholstery with the Pomegranate. Glassique’s Woodsy and Pear fall under the shades of green. Floral patterns plant motiefs will be quite welcoming with these glass mosaics.

Smokescreen, ash and wintery atmosphere are covered under Glassique’s Ebony, Steel and Nickel. Modern bathrooms with shiny white porcelain sinks and toilets will be the shoo in winner in this combination. Steel shower heads and fittings on the background of Glassique’s Ebony or Steel mosaic tiles are just super modern designs which are pretty to look at.

Under the decorative category for Glassique, you can choose from four different color combinations called Mood Combination Glossy which come in 12x12 mosaic glass pieces. These are super stunning pieces you can use as wall art work for simple living rooms where you do not want to have too many decorative items.