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Interceramic Interglass Murano Mosaic

Interceramic Interglass Murano Glass Mosaic Tile

Interceramic Interglass Murano Glass Mosaic Tile Colletion is the modern man’s answer to the overwhelming amount of options we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Two hundred kinds of granola? Can’t be asked. Thirty-seven Italian restaurants downtown? Better just stay home and microwave a pizza. Skim milk, 2%, 4%, full-fat, half and half, almond, coconut, soy, and sweetened soy? End up drinking your five-pump, half-caf mocha Frappuccino without milk. Ben & Jerry had the right idea: having trouble choosing just one? Then you should just choose more than one!

If you are having trouble choosing a color palette for your tiles simply take a leaf from Ben & Jerry’s book and bring Interglass Murano Glass Mosaic tiles into your home or work space. Each eclectic style gives you the option of incorporating multiple-colored tiles into your design. Can’t choose between cool blue or warm golden hues? Get both with Golden-Blue tiles. Not sure if you want to brighten and lighten your space with white or make your nest cozier with warm brown? Get both with White-Brown tiles. Are airy whites and bold blues confusing your style sensibilities? Compromise and get both with White-Blue tiles. Each multi-colored sheet adds depth and intrigue to ant space without overwhelming the surrounding décor or creating chaos. And a pearly shimmer finishes off every 12.75 x 12.75-inch tile with a fancy flair, so your floors and walls will always be dressed to impress – even when you can’t seem to find a reason to change out of your pajamas.