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Interceramic Interglass Pearl Mosaic

Interceramic Interglass Pearl Glass Mosaic Tile

It is quite difficult to surpass the beauty created by Mother Nature, so let us all marvel in her majesty with Interglass Pearl mosaic tile by Interceramic. Go for the glow with this glass tile created to recall the gorgeous shimmer that has been glamming up décolletage and décor for decades. Make your home as rare as the lucky oyster with a plump pearl nestled inside when you incorporate this one-of-a-kind collection into your home or work space. Illuminate your interior and exterior designs alike with these ethereally iridescent pearly tiles and you will never be called common again.

Mother-of-pearl has been used for ages to make people and their homes more breathtaking, but Interceramic's modern manufacturing techniques have made this style even more accessible and economical. Guest’s will exclaim, “Mother of pearl!” when they get a good look at your living room or glance at your gleaming guest bathroom. And when night falls, both you and your guests will be equally astonished by the romantic atmosphere created by simply sparking a few candles and watching the light dance across the dazzling room. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: sparks may fly.

If you want your space to stun your stud into silence, but fear you don’t have the finances to bedazzle your bedroom in real – and really expensive-- mother-of-pearl, these Interglass Pearl tiles are your shiny solution. Each iridescent shade of Smoke, Marrone, Graphite, Ivory, and Cappuccino is a pearl of wisdom in itself. And not only are these tiles as awe-inspiring as authentic mother-of-pearl, but they are even more durable. Just like true mother-of-pearl, these tiles appear delicate but are surprisingly resilient. So get beauty and brawn with this brilliant collection without ever shucking and slurping a family of oysters.