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Interceramic Intertech Unglazed Porcelain

Interceramic Intertech Unglazed Porcelain

Simply stated, the Interceramic Intertech Unglazed tile collection is a line with many faces. From options delivering a crisp, clean monochromatic appearance to more playful finishes showcases complex speckling. These unglazed color-body porcelain wall and floor tiles add volume to any space with a choice suitable for all design styles. A modern inspired line, Intertech Unglazed works to both anchor the home while creating a calming balance throughout. Elegant in all dimensions, Intercermaic blends style with function presenting a collection that brilliantly stands up to any of life’s tough messes and busy moments. From a classy evening party to a pet paws and play dates, Intertech Unglazed gracefully ties together any space from the entryway to the bedroom.

With a large selection of 33 diverse finishes, the breadth of these floor and wall tiles offer options to both open up any space along with hues that create a sense of cozy comfort. Applied to 12”x12” and 8”x8” square tiles along with 1”x1” and 2”x2” mosaics, create that space of your dreams feeding into the ability for optimal creative customization. Go bold iwht the deeply saturated shades of Cobalt Blue, Green or Yellow for a pop of unexpected color playful adding character to a room. For a more muted design style, the contemporary inspired shades of Tobacco, Beige or Ivory for a calming ambiance. The speckle infused shades of Light Gray, Silver or Ivory reveal a cool backdrop with hints of enchanting freckling. A broad collection, create a truly unique space with a chic monochromatic design or boarders, inlays and mosaics.

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