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Interceramic Istanbul Porcelain

Interceramic Istanbul

Cue one of my favorite songs to ever be stuck in my head: “Istanbul is Constantinople, now it’s Istanbul not Constantinople. Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks!” Introducing the Istanbul Porcelain Tile Collection from Interceramic; no matter what you call it, it’s beautiful! The timeless look of marbleized stone captured in durable ceramic is exactly what any self-respecting home deserves, and you are just the home owner to provide it! Istanbul comes in three fetching colors: the dreamy gray pallet of Fatih, the warm tan glow of Sophia, and the light sandy beige of Taksim. These tiles are available in two distinguished sizes: 20” x 20” and 13” x 13”, with plenty of cove bases, and bullnose pieces to complete your interior design look. So go ahead and put They Might Be Giants, brew yourself a strong cup of Turkish coffee and start eating dolmas. You’ll want to get yourself in the mood for importing a look that is guaranteed to transport you to a far off land of beauty every time you walk into the room! The best part of this travel itinerary is that you don’t have to get x-rayed or strip or get patted down by security just to enjoy the relaxing vacation that awaits you in your living room, kitchen or den. (Unless, like me, you consider that sort of intimate attention from strangers a type of vacation all it’s own, in which case, we fly internationally every chance we get!) Interceramic Istanbul typically ships in 2-5 days, so place your order today and look like you live along the Bosphorous within a mere week!