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Interceramic La Travonya Porcelain

Interceramic La Travonya Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile

If you have been wanting to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors, but in a more upscale fashion, La Travonya tiles are the perfect solution. Each tile in this collection boasts a distinctive surface that’s ideal for your home or your business space. This incredible manmade material mimics the beautiful variances of natural stones in a polished ceramic tile that is glazed to give it an extra layer of fortitude that even expensive granite won’t offer.

Even less plentiful than gold, this tile is available in four sizes: a busier 13x13 inch mosaic floor and decorative tile, and more subdued 10x20 inch, 13x13 inch, and 20x20 inch blocks that blend quietly into the background and suit any décor. The nature-inspired color plays well with most color palettes. Without drawing attention away from your other design points, this collection adds a touch of luxury—even if the price point is much less ostentatious than real quartz or granite. What your guests never know won’t ruin your image! Interceramic knows that when you want to fake it ‘til you make it you must be convincing.

Each uniquely patterned tile has the ability to increase the apparent cost of your interior without increasing the budget of your decorating. This way you can have your cake – and your stone floors. And if is some of that cake should happen to fall upon your glistening tiles, just a dash of soap and warm water is all you need to get them glistening once again. Real stone surfaces stain much more easily than glazed ceramic, and let’s be honest: red wine makes any day brighter. So cover all your bases instead of covering up your tiles and bring La Travonya tiles into your world.