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Interceramic Lagos Ceramic

Interceramic Lagos Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile

The Lagos collection proves that only truly boring people believe that beige is boring. The endless possibilities of undertones and accent colors have made beige the new white this year. Beige truly does go with everything. It can take hold of the spotlight and act as a focal point for any space, but yet it can also act as the backdrop for the endless possibilities each room is capable of taking on. As with everything from animal print to Dijon mustard, just try to avoid using too much. Beige on beige can be a neutral nightmare, and you want your space to be the stuff dreams are made of.

Beige is like the stoic middle child, the mailman, and all of those scavenging wild animals that eat roadkill: undervalued and unappreciated. The ceramic Lagos collection by Interceramic is here to turn heads and refuses to be ignored. It is simply too pretty. You will have to reconsider your judgmental outlook on beige when faced with this tile’s three shades of brilliant: incandescent Ivory, emboldened Brown, and beautiful glazed Beige. Boring old beige doesn't seem so boring anymore, does it? Well, whichever shade you choose will alter the entire mood of your room. Each variation boasts a slightly different glow depending on the light in the space and way that bounces off the tiles. Not only will your space glow, but it will also set you apart from your bland and boring neighbors. White is so last year, and you can spread the word.