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Interceramic Lipstick Ceramic

Interceramic Lipstick Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

What is more alluring than a Bombshell Red Lipstick? In the same way that a splash of hot red lips can put the finishing touch on any ensemble, a splash of red Lipstick tiles will put the finishing touch on any space. Interceramic knows that red represents love, life, passion and power in many different cultures around the world. This globally stimulating color can has been known to raise our blood pressure and increase our appetite – both for food and for life. Just like with lipstick, you only need a dab. But unlike lipstick, these red tiles can go just about anywhere and they won’t smudge. Red works really well as an accent color in the kitchen. Red also has a cozy, warm and protective aura that makes it ideal for the living room. No chance your space will be cold or sterile with an injection of Bombshell Red. The color red also boosts our appetites and stimulates conversation, so it is right at home in a dining area. Red is also flattering to almost every skin tone, so it is perfect in a bathroom or a dressing room.

Depending on which other colors you pair this sanguine hue with, your space will give off a different vibe. Make sure you’re getting your point across with this sexy glazed ceramic collection. When it is combined with rich wood tones and warmer, neutral hues you get a cozy, more traditional energy. And when paired with cooler neutrals red has a crisper and more mod feeling. Get your kicks with either 6x6, 8x8, or 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ inch tiles.