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Interceramic Marble + Tumbled Marble

IMC Interceramic Marble and Collection - Discount Stone Tile at Ecomoso


The Benefits of LEED Certified Marble Flooring & What Else You Need To Know When Using Marble

The Interceramic Marble Collection, in a way, has been 30 years in the making. While IMC - the International Marble Company - was established in Texas in 1985, IMC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Interceramic in 2007. What Interceramic has now gained by releasing even more sustainable design products to the Interceramic Marble Collection is a handle on top notch marble and exquisite stones picked from over 47 countries worldwide - and IMC provides only marble flooring products and decorative marble pieces made from truly the best quality marble found on earth. And it should also be mentioned that Southwest-based IMC offers the largest collection of natural stone slabs with over 13,000 slabs in stock.

In the same breath, we must also point to the fact that Southwest-based IMC offers the largest collection of natural stone slabs with over 13,000 slabs in stock, which can be shipped at little to no cost to Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. But when it comes to this specific genuine marble flooring collection, you may first be wondering about the best uses for marble flooring, and what the benefits of marble flooring are as well. First of all, as an important design material in so many different aspects, marble is an incredibly tough and evolutionary stone flooring material that is also used on walls, countertops and backsplashes in residential and commercial projects. Interior Designers loved the LEED Certified IMC Marble Collection of sustainable design products, as do Architects, Contractors and Builders, and especially homeowners looking to upgrade their quality of life, while reducing their carbon footprint. The material that forms marble is calcite, and it is shaped when recrystallization of limestone occurs under the fierce pressure and heat of natural geologic processes.

In the IMC Marble Series below, you will first find a multitude of sizes, including popular large-format marble tile and modular marble pattern pieces. The marble flooring tile options are: 18x18 inches, 12x12 inches, 12x24 inches, 6x24 inches, and a lone 16x16-inch (and 12x12) piece in Marble Diano Reale Polished marble floor tile. While the pieces below list a majority of the gorgeous colors, sizes and finishes available in the Interceramic Marble Series, a complete list of everything that makes the vast collection once full of such great possibility. For a unique black with natural white veining marble piece, Empress Black Polished is a sure bet, while below the collection begins by introducing the Interceramic Marble Collection in Astoria Gray, available in 18x18-inch, 12x12-inch pieces and 12x24-inches.

Other popular options in the collection are: Botticino Fiorito, Michaelangelo Polished, Breccia Oniciata Polished, Marble Champagne Gold Polished, and IMC Crema Marfil Polished Marble in either Standard, Select or Classic. There are also a handful of Honed Crema Marfil pieces versus the polished finish. Dalmatian White Polished pieces keep the expansive collection moving along, as well as: White Thassos, Dark Emperador (Polished), DaVinci Polished Marble, Empress Polished, Indigo Gold Polished Marble, Madera (in vein-cut Black, White or Coffee), Rojo Elecante Polished, Light Emperador Turkish Polished. Other polished marble flooring in the collection are: new IMC St. Laurent marble, Polar Gray, Sea Mist Gray tile, solid white marble tile in St. Adrian Pearl, Statuary White, Venice Cream, White Carrara (also in honed pieces), and White Tassos. Also in the Marble Flooring Category is South Pacific Versailles pattern brushed tile.

The Interceramic Tumbled Marble Collection is just another important facet to this incredibly boundless series of affordable marble slabs made of high-quality LEED Certified stone tile. The International Marble Company’s Interceramic Marble Collections can be found in many places, sure, but Ecomoso offers affordable interceramic marble tile and discount interceramic stone tile. These Decorative Tumbled Marble pieces are in stunning and genuine marble mosaic forms and shapes, offering an even more unique and custom look to inspire your next kitchen remodel, flooring remodel, wall marble tile ideas, marble countertop ideas and backsplash ideas.

The key color blends in this IMC marble collection - which come in lattice, bubbles, hexagonal, square and penny round design shapes in 1x1 or 2x2 mosaic patterns on 12x12-inch sheets - are: the six different designs in the Urban Blend; the marble , which includes another six variable design patterns; as well as the Natural Blend. Eight White Carrara blends - which includes a nominal 1x12-inch liner deco piece, have been a popular choice among homeowners and designers in that they lend themselves to bold, yet easy custom designs. There are 4x12-inch, 4x8-inch and 4x4-inch tumbled marble mosaics in both Light Emperador and Dark Emperador, which are also made into three 1x1/2x2 mosaic patterns on 12x12-inch sheets; along with the smaller of the two aforementioned sizes of 4x8 and 4x4-inch pieces in Crema Marfil, which goes a giant leap further by adding six additional tumbled marble mosaic patterns on 12x12 sheets of unique and detailed designs. Decorative Liners are available in most colors, blends and patterns mentioned among the IMC tumbled marble collection.

NOTE: For a complete look at images of the Interceramic Tumbled Marble, visit the manufacturer’s gallery.

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