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Interceramic Metallic II Ceramic

Interceramic Metallic II

The Olympics are great! Hot athletes in spandex or less compete from around the world for… a medal. One. That’s it. A lifetime of training for a little something shiny around their neck. And while we love gold, silver and bronze, it just seems that there is so much more to strive for than that in the world. Perhaps at the next Olympics gymnasts and swimmers will compete for flooring tiles from Interceramic’s Metallic II collection! The Metallic II collection includes such beautiful flashy colors as: Zinc, Brass, Pewter, Iron, Alloy, and Steel just to name a few. I won’t deny I’d love to see Michael Phelps wearing nothing but a jet black Steel medallion flecked with silvery glitter on the podium, dripping wet. (And by podium, I mean my bed.) Some of the Beach Volleyball stars would look stunning in Copper bikinis and bottoms, to match their supple tan and lithe bodies… But back to your home. Don’t you deserve a floor that has world class endurance properties to match the 100 meter I’m-late-for-work dash? And how about a kitchen that constantly outperforms itself in the preparation and clean up of food at all hours of the day and night? It has certainly earned it’s right to Interceramic’s Metallic II Gold tiles. Whichever Olympic activities your home medals in, award it with 12” x 12” or 8” x 8” Metallic II flooring tiles. Place your order today and receive your shipment within 2-5 days. Now, let the games begin!