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Interceramic Mexican Travertine

Interceramic Mexican Travertine - Discount Natural Stone Tile from Ecomoso


Accentuated by the paintbrush of nature, the Interceramic Mexican Travertine Tile Series reveals the beauty of natural travertine. With undeniable grace and allure, it’s no secret as to why this material has long been coveted for centuries. From ancient edifices strung across the globe, the rich, timeless charm of travertine can now be applied to modern homes and commercial properties. With a classic glow, Interceramic Travertine reveals a complex appearance of bold intermixing tones swept across each tile with strict veining and subtle touchable textures.

Achieving nothing less than eye-popping beauty, the alluring grace of these floor tiles bring an uplifting style for any space of the home - from the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. This affordable natural stone tile series is vast and offers so many different colors, shapes, sizes, textures, finishes - among other details - that the design possibilities are virtually endless. Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, Builders and Homeowners alike will find this quality travertine tile completely affordable without sacrificing the most important part - beauty and quality.

Discover the remarkable Interceramic Mexican Travertine Series below.