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Interceramic Milan Ceramic Tile

Interceramic Milan Ceramic Tile

You don’t have to feel left out by the rest of the world for not being able to go to the city of Milan when you can bring in home with Interceramic’s Milan glazed ceramic tile. The city of Milan is in Italy if you don’t have a clue about its location and it is one of the well known cities for fashion, haute couture and its amazing architecture. Both Milan’s old and new architectural marvel’s some of the world’s most photographed structures. You may have seen in some calendars that depict European architectures.

Interceramic’s Milan ceramic tile collection can be construed as some of the same designs styles seen in the actual Milanese architecture. Take for example the Milan cathedral which is a World Heritage site, it is filled with paintings of none other than the brilliant Leonardo himself. Some of the internal design of the cathedral could carry of tiles like from Interceramic’s Milan collection like the Gray Glazed.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele next to the cathedral is known to be the oldest shopping mall in the world. What kinds of internal tile styling a such a shopping mall could carry as one of prominent features if not something like the Cappuccino Glazed from the Interceramic’s Milan collection? It is totally possible because of its stunning natural stone like features.

The Galleria is flanked by the Piazza Duomo together with the cathedral and this particular square can be traced back as early as the 1330 but was only significantly redesigned and decorated in the 19th century by Ferdinand I of Austria. You can see how the Ivory Glazed piece from the Milan collection can be easily fit into this square with its soft beige hue. You may now take inspiration from all these structures to build your own history with the Milan collection.