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Interceramic Mode Porcelain Tile

Interceramic Mode Porcelain Tile

If you feel you have been left behind and haven’t updated yourself in awhile, it’s time to use a specialty item like the Interceramic’s Mode glazed porcelain tile collection as a starting point. Or at least, as a finishing point after you have updated your closet, your make-up and some of your entertainment habits too. It is time to throw away your 80s clothes, those frenzy sounding Duran Duran music, hairgel and blue eyeliner. While you’re doing that, think about stripping your old floors as well and replacing them with Interceramic’s Mode porcelain collection.

Mode is the social term means fashionable, trendy or up to date. It is a term which has been in use since the 1960s when chic haircuts and skirt length cuts became very fashionable. To have an idea of this, try watching the movie Austin Powers Part 2 where most of it is set in the swinging sixties. The swinging sixties were called “swinging” because it was very “mode” or “mod”. There was even a movie made at the time called The Mod Squad. They were very fashionable.

Just like how Interceramic’s Mode porcelain collection is fashionable in its trendy colors. Have a look at the lighter side of Mode for trendy looking modern living rooms or bedrooms in Titan, Grey and Sand. The darker maroon like Slate is great looking for a contemporarily designed kitchen, hallways and studies.

Sometimes, to be trendy you have to look at some of the past designs which were very popular and copy some of the positive things that was presented in them. In the 60s, bright colors were preferred over muted colors while the general mood designers wanted to associate with was happiness or a feeling of euphoria. Which is the reason why many of the 60s designs may seem garish, tacky or unconventional. Flower prints and space age modular prints used sparingly in the correct areas may give a space a sense of happiness. So go on, be trendy and swing yourself into a better outlook for at least a few months before another fad takes over.