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Interceramic Niza Ceramic

Interceramic Niza Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile

Your majesty please let us have the honor of introducing the illustrious Niza collection. This collection of glazed ceramic tiles will ensure that you live like a king or queen is meant to. With a design recalling old French castles, now you can live like a modern day prince or princess even without the inheritance or the title. These grand yet understated tiles mimic old world, European country estates, but are available to even the lowliest castes. Let down your drawbridge sir, and enter a realm of decadent design that won’t require you to read poetry by candlelight for your evening amusement. We have come too far for that nonsense.

With a delicate balance of earthy and opulent, the French chateau style infused in this collection instantly upgrades the class of any space it is used in. The Niza collection is less showy than the castles typically seen from the golden age of kings and queens, but the muted tones lend themselves to a more modern and updated aesthetic that even the most demanding royal would bow down to.

Given just enough flair to rise above the strictly functional, this collection won’t require servants to maintain the glorious, glazed sheen. These tiles may look like natural stone, but they are actually made of very new, manmade ceramic.

Let your home take you worlds away from traffic jams and software viruses with this collection by Interceramic. This classic style is still popular for a reason: timeless and refined it goes well with antique furniture and also compliments more edgy and contemporary decor.