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Interceramic Palmero Ceramic Wall Tile

Interceramic Palmero Ceramic Wall Tile

Palermo is not just a city in Italy but also the name of an awesome ceramic tile collection line from Interceramic tile makers. Rumors has it that one very famous celebrity who is almost splitting up with her spouse it remodelling her house out of spite and ripping up her floors to change them to something he doesn’t like. Something that is subtle, neutral and voids of any emotions sort of unlike their marriage.

The said celebrity has been looking along the line of something like the Palermo from Interceramic because it has the exact cool and calmness she is looking. She who shall not be named with the big hair and a billion dollar booty may choose something along the lines of Interceramic Palermo’s Gray Glazed for her living room and have all her furniture custom made in white fur. This will be accompanied by white curtains, white frames, white pitbull and even a white piano.

For her bedroom, she may be thinking of the Palermo’s Ivory Glazed just because it is also completely void of color or feelings other than peace. Apparently her billionaite producer hubby had some rich, mahogany wooden flooring with gold edgings which she wants to personally rip out and throw in his face since she always hated them. Of course with the Ivory Glazed she will have her bed frame, beddings, pillow, bedroom furniture, divan and cabinetry in pale white as well.

She is totally removing all traces of elevators in her home too since that had been a big thing in their marriage after a certain incident. Instead, she will replace all elevators with marble like tiled escalators with the same hue of Palermo’s Beige Glazed. Who has ever heard of escalators with ceramic tiles but if you are a world famous, billionaires hip hop pop star, you can have such things in your home just to make sure everything is feminine, cool and calm.