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Interceramic Pebble Stones

Interceramic Pebbles - Stone Mosaics & River Rocks at Ecomoso

ROCK SPICE: Add flavorful pebbles to your pool, garden or wall

The Interceramic Pebble Stones Collection is an exclusive and upscale LEED Certified Series of Wall Decoratives, which include three different colors and two different types of mosaics.

Pebble Stones are fun to work with when selecting decoratives because of all the different textures and colors - along with surprises, like streaks of quartz and other colors of sedimentary rock. Pebble Stones are normally smooth in texture - a characteristic that is dependent upon how much exposure and contact the pebbles have had with different bodies of water. Other rocks or pebbles - either found on the beaches or various oceans and seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, or inland when water used to cover land - often leave marks from scraping against each other, leaving unique patterns from pebble to pebble. Beach pebble stones and river pebble stones (the inspiration behind the River Rock Series) are unique in their earthly formation and appearance.

Interceramic Pebbles Stones is a tidy collection, offering coordinating Pebble Insert Mosaics and Pebble Listel Mosaic pieces in three earth-inspired colors with a matte finish. Bright and fresh Pebble Stones White offers a clean and crisp aesthetic, and is available in the 12x12-inch Insert Mosaic as well as the 4x12-inch Listel Mosaic. Also available in both sizes and types are: popular gray tile in Pebble Stones Graphite as well as a beautiful and subtle pop of color in Pebble Stones Marrone. Within this collection you can find pebble stones for your garden, landscape rocks, and unique mosaics for custom wall decor and design.

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