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Interceramic Pietra Cristal Geometrics

Interceramic Pietra Cristal Geometrics Glass Mosaic

With the Pietra Cristal Geometrics Glass Mosaic by Interceramic Tile, you can bring some added interest and intrigue to your life by simply paying for it. Without diving into last year’s editions of The Atlantic or refusing to wear a shirt and shoes when you frequent your local corner store you can actually make yourself more interesting by investing in Pietra Cristal Geometric glass tiles. Level with us here: when you come home at the end of a long day at work are you more likely to pick up that bulky collection of Dostoevsky’s lost and incomplete works or pick up the television remote? Either way, Pietra Cristal noticeably increases you and you space’s level of intrigue.

Dying to impress your dinner date or your in-laws? Don’t bother trying to cook a complicated feast, just buy Pietra Cristal Glass Mosaic tiles and order takeaway from Olive Garden. Your guests will be so hypnotized by the beauty of your tiles that they won’t notice that the never-ending soup, salad, and breadsticks seem awfully familiar.

Simply identifying this collection out loud will get you brownie points in the interest category. The name sounds as exotic, refined and elegant as the tile’s themselves look upon inspection. Encourage others to get a closer look even if you haven’t handled a mop since middle school. Each shimmering shade, from Blanco to Beige and Brown, holds up well against grease, grime and galoshes, so you won’t have to invest extra time cleaning. Instead you can spend that time working on that crossword or, more realistically, working on the last season of Master Chef.