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Interceramic Planks 1.0 Ceramic

I never would have wanted to be forced to walk the plank on a pirate’s ship or any other seagoing vessel for that matter, but with Interceramic’s Planks 1.0 Ceramic collection, I would change my mind just to walk on these amazing tiles! They measure a unique 5” x 24” dimension, and the marbleized patterning and rich colors just knock your socks off… which is good, because you’ll want nothing to come between you and this flooring! Three luscious color pallets are available. Planks 1.0 Autumn is a rich tile that evokes earthy and bark like features with rust reds, moss greens, and slate grays. Go ahead a bake a pumpkin pie even in the heat of August because this is to tile what comfort food is to autumn! Planks 1.0 Multicolor features dramatic swirls of auburn, beige, chestnut with wisps of ivories and whites for a sense of movement throughout. This makes a bold statement in any room you want to have an impressive look. Planks 1.0 Winter is a blizzard of grays, lavenders and hints of tan that seem to blow diagonally across each tile. This is a beautiful alternative to marble as it still evokes that stone like quality, but with a greater sense of theatricality. No matter which one you select, you are sure to love the durability of ceramic tile, which are so easy to clean and last a lifetime! Interceramic is an eco-friendly company that makes superior tiles and as such, you will never have to walk the plank, unless it’s the Planks 1.0 Ceramic tiles on your own floors!