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Interceramic Planks 2.0 Ceramic

Interceramic Planks 2.0 Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile

If you want wood floors in your home, but cannot fathom dealing with the prices or the hassle, no one is going to make you walk the plank if you use Planks 2.0 instead. The Planks 2.0 ceramic floor and field tiles are more budget-friendly than natural wood and much more practical for your less than pristine life. We know you.

This collection looks like it’s made from natural wood, but its smooth ceramic surface ensures that your flooring will never splinter or creak. When life requires durability wood planks are just not answer you seek. This collection gives you the best of both worlds: the appearance of good old, knotty wood planks without the strings attached to the real deal. Wood was once a living thing: it changes with time, becoming weathered underfoot and under the glare of the sun. But with the Planks 2.0 collection you will only need to worry about what color they are today, and not what color they may be tomorrow or twenty years from tomorrow. Available in the Classic dark stain, a moody grayish Silver, a warmer Honey, and a bleached Roman tan, each hue is reminiscent of stained wood floors lining log cabins and beach huts across the country.

As an added bonus, this ceramic collection has a transparent, protective outer layer that protects your floors from drippy juice, poopy paws, and scuffing sneakers. Life is messy, but to be honest it is much more fun that way! Don’t try to make your home unlivable, just keep on doing what you’re doing and wipe it up with a damp sponge later. These tiles are super low maintenance.