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Interceramic Recife Ceramic

Interceramic Recife

Whoever said it’s better to give that receive, clearly never received a shipment of Interceramic Recife Ceramic! These superior, high density ceramic floor tiles deliver a perfectly soft travertine appearance with the durability of porcelain to ensure a lifetime of style! Available in three gorgeous colors, Recife can be found in the warm cocoa tan of Beige, a luminous peachy White, and the raspberry mauve of Noce, all of which come in a 13"X13" size. Now the only trick is to get someone to give you the gift of tile… Isn’t that like a 4 and a half year anniversary gift or something? It should be. More marriages would be successful if only the people in them would realize that it is, in fact, thinset that holds a relationship together and that grout is what it’s all about! Sure, communication is important, but it’s kinda hard to hear one another over the loud puce and persimmon linoleum flooring in the kitchen or through the muffled tones that the shag carpeting in the bathroom (who does that?!) emits when you try to talk through it. And for those of us who are flying solo - we give ourselves the best gifts, anyway, because we know what we want, and how to get it. And, at such an affordable price, this tile is in everyone’s budget…. You’ll even have money left over to go shoe shopping so you can wear those strappy stilettos on your new Recife Ceramic floors! You are welcome.