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Interceramic Replain Ceramic Tile

Interceramic Replain Ceramic Tile

The Replain porcelain tile collection from Interceramic is anything but a “re” or even plain. In a world where plain is not welcomed nor even recognized anymore, the Replain collection from Interceramic would only be called plain by a visually impaired person. A designer who had studied much of the Renaissance paintings and artwork will look at the Replain from Interceramic and say “eureka” almost immediately.

There are just way too many ideas and suggestions to be made with the Replain that he may just lose his mind for awhile. He will take a look at this porcelain collection line and jump from one famous artwork to another as he starts to plan everything from your living room, to your bedroom and your bathrooms.

The Replain’s Terra Natural and Nero Natural presenting a very dark muddy earthen color is the perfect background setting for room with other uniform colours like white, yellow or even red is what your cuckoo designer will say. He may want to think about the chrome colours in fittings he wants to match with these shades while thinking about the wood trimmings to match with the Replain’s Puro Natural and Latte Natural.

Many years spent in winters during childhood may inspire your designer with the cotton suit like hue of the Perla Natural and Cenere Natural. Or perhaps, just the inspiration of looking at the burning ash in his dying cigarette may propel him into choosing these particular hues unassuming rooms where events may take place out of the ordinary. Interior designers have a digital like mind which picks colors, textures, lines, squares, boxes and all kinds of different shapes in a perfectly fitting puzzle that will come alive in a room. So, if he or she tells you to get the Replain, then you know you are paying for a wise mind.