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Interceramic Retro Ceramic

Interceramic Retro

Retro? Ruh-roh! That’s my initial reaction to anything that tries to sell itself as old-fashioned 2.0 or pass for “vintage” when it’s from a free box, or calls itself “Re-purposed” and you know perfectly well that that bath mat has no right to be made into a pair of ass-less chaps to be worn on the Playa at Burning Man. BUT… I will say that the folks at Interceramic got it right with their line of Ceramic Retro tiles! This is no hipster with a Crayola box and a chip on their shoulder looking to be all sad and ironic about town. This, my friend, is the next look for your home and it will be fabulous! Choose from fifteen inspired colors that range from super-saturated pigments to powdery light pastels: Almond, Cocoa, Orchid, Sage, Dusty, Sundance, Blue, White, Black, Emerald, Sapphire, Orangery, Dark Gray, Deep Brown and Dusty Rose. Whew! That’s quite a pallet range and you are sure to fall in love with at least one of these tinted tiles! Not only are they beautiful to look at, Retro is beautiful for the environment! Interceramic known for making durable tiles from abrasion resistant porcelain using up to 40% recycled content, so they are an ecologically sound choice for your home. Ceramic is easy to keep clean in high traffic areas and you’ll love the pop of color that greets you every time you walk into the room. This item typically ships in just 2-5 days for your convenience. Order your Retro Ceramic tiles today!