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Interceramic River Rock

Interceramic Pebbles - River Rock Stone Mosaics at Ecomoso


In the River Rocks Collection, river pebble stones take center stage and a gorgeous and natural aesthetic is pulled together flawlessly. These decorative tumbled mosaics come in different varieties - inserts, sliced mosaics, mosaics - and look amazing in bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, countertops and pool linings.

The diversity and increasing popularity of the natural stone look has interior designers, architects, homeowners, contractors and builders all incorporating the look into residential and commercial projects. Pebble stones - including River Rock stones - can be used for so many different indoor or outdoor projects. With a wide variety of colors, sizes, polishes, and textures, they are perfect for: landscaping, construction projects, decorative accents, covering outdoor walkways and residential driveways, as pool lining around pools, accenting plant containers, or for various uses on patios and decks. This series is also an eco-friendly, sustainable design series as they can be used to make water-smart gardens in areas where water is limited.

The highlight of this collection are all the different tumbled decorative mosaics. These special pieces are given the old-world, weathered appeal courtesy of a special finishing process in which the tile is tumbled in a drum along with a mixture of water, sand and mild acid. Tiles that are ¾-inch thick are typically tumbled and then sliced down the middle for a total of two pieces. Bigger sizes are given the tumbled finish manually. Because of the unique nature of tumbled mosaics, the materials are not designed to be measured in exact dimensions. Instead, tumbled mosaics are available in rustic, nominal sizes within acceptable limits. Within the River Rock Collection you’ll also find broken stones that have angular edges which are smoothed and pieced together like a puzzle - leaving the tile with a custom, gorgeous pattern that looks uniform and organic, while remaining artistic and original.

The Interceramic River Rock Collection features four different types and sizes of mosaics - large 18x18-inch Interlocking Mosaics, 12x12-inch Mosaics, 12x12-inch Inserts and 4x12-inch Listels. The look of tumbled travertine is displayed in several pieces, with gorgeous and authentic earth tones that include: browns, tans, whites, grays, blacks, reds, oranges and more. Because the collection is inspired by nature, pieces are named after scenic areas of the country - such as Savannah, Mississippi, Tennessee, along with gorgeous and bold Black Pearl, Red Cranberry, Birch, Gila, Brazos and Forest styles.

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