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Interceramic Sandstone Ceramic

Interceramic Sandstone

We love the supple look of sandstone, however, it’s made of, well, sand. And that does not bode well for indoor flooring, unless you’d like your suburban home to look like beachfront property… on the inside! The solution is found in Interceramic’s Sandstone Ceramic tiles! So put away those flip flops and boogie boards… there will be no building of sand castles in the kitchen, as this durable porcelain will take a beating while looking as pure as the day you installed it. Sandstone Ceramic flooring comes in three gorgeous shades. The rich, dark, grainy taupe and coffee browns of Kavala Brown add a depth to any room. Plus, this is a very forgiving color for high traffic areas that may not get the maid’s attention (ie: your attention) on a daily basis. Skala Gold is a medium-toned tan that really does go with everything! You’ll feel as blessed out as if you just sang Cumbaya at the beach campfire every time you come home. Thasis Beige is that classic, light sandy color that brings a natural beauty to every room in the house. We wouldn’t blame you for laying out on your beach blanket with a tanning light on you right on your bathroom floor in the middle of a Mid-Western winter! Choose from 16” x 16” or 13” x 13” tiles to create a casual beauty throughout your house. And with the budget-friendly prices of Sandstone Ceramic tiles, you can still buy your Barbie Dream Beach Buggy to park outside! Order your Interceramic Sandstone Ceramic flooring today and receive shipment in 2-5 days!