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Interceramic Shimmer (Interglass)

Much like the Shimmer Blends line, Interceramic Interglass Shimmer Mosaics use light to bring a wall to life. But what makes this collection unique is that each mosaic tile is composed of a single color. The impeccable smoothness of the single color look adds a sophisticated air to any room. These chic glass mosaics are ideal for walls in contemporary spaces, offices, in the kitchen at home, or wherever a sleek design element is needed. Bold color shades include sandy Beach, deep Midnight, misty Smoke, verdant Meadow, and oceanic Nightfall to name a few. Color blocking is all the rage in fashion. Now bring this bold, modern pop of color to your environment. (Also, the names of each tile color may inspire you to name your child after them if you are that kind of a person.) Beach: Life is a beach with this luminous sand colored glass. Instant vacation! Daylight: This intense sky blue may cause you to day dream. Midnight: Simple, black, clean, bold. Pewter: A stunning metallic silver gray that is as beautiful as it is contemporary. Smoke: You’ll want to get this smoke in your eyes it is so deep and beautiful. Forrest: Feel good about “going green” with this deeply verdant glass tile. Snow Drift: One of the most alluring of the glass tiles, its aquatic quality is mesmerizing. Clay: This handsome dark brown is luxurious and warm. Meadow: An inviting spring green that lightens any room. Nightfall: A lapis blue that is deeply saturated, it pops with white grout! Storm: Ominous as a thunderhead, this sable colored glass makes a statement in any room.