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Interceramic Siena Ceramic

Interceramic Siena Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile

Although the Interceramic Siena series is far too slippery for any rock climber to scale they won’t be able to resist its sleek, silky sheen. Because, if we are being honest here, everyone loves a good stone wall—especially if it is less expensive than a real stone wall but no one can tell that it is made of glazed ceramic. Whether you grew up in the granite mountains of New Hampshire, or the rocky coast of Washington state you will be able to appreciate this collection by Interceramic. No need to live among the boulders of Boulder, Colorado to ensure that this collection is right at home in your home, mind you. These understated tiles would do just as well in the desert of Arizona or the plains of Montana and Wyoming. And if you are a city kid just looking for a little breath of fresh air, just bring a little nature into your life with the Siena ceramic tiles that can be your own personal bit of sculptural land art.

This collection of ceramic tiles is available in either a cool and creamy glazed Ivory, or a warmer glazed Beige – both of these shades of stone found their inspiration in real rocks rooted in nature’s unbeatable palette. By incorporating them into your home or workspace you can connect your interior design with your surroundings no matter where you call home. So whether your home is nestled in Nantucket or perched in Perth the tiles take a backseat to your pre-existing design aesthetic—complementing your design personality and letting your unique quirks shine through.