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Interceramic Solids Ceramic

Interceramic Solids

Solids. It’s what you feed a baby once they get their teeth. It’s what team you are on in pool when your opponent sinks the striped ball first. Now it is also one of the finest collections of porcelain tiles you can ever have in your home! Introducing Interceramic Solids Ceramic collection! The sheer choice of colors and dimensions in this series makes for infinite interior design possibilities, so you can personalize your home to reflect your awesome tastes! Solids Ceramic tiles come in three color categories: Brites, Mattes, and Bold Tones. The following is just a snippet of all the luscious hues there are to play with: Arrow Wood, Graphite, Smoke, Brown Kiss, Tender Tan, and Bone. And just look at the selection of dimensions available! Pencil thin accent tiles come in a lithe strip of 2.125” x 8.5”; rectangular tiles come in a modest 4”.25 x 8.5” dimension, or a more dramatically elongated plank measuring 4.25” x 12.75”. All the specialty tiles like quarter rounds, round down angles, and surface bullnoses and more are here as well so you can finish your ceramic look with aplomb! Prints can be fun. But give your eyes and ours a break! If you’ve been wearing giraffe and zebra prints together and then grab your leopard skin hand bag, you most certainly owe it to your home, your family and friends to have a tasteful moment of visual serenity with these beautiful tiles from the Interceramic Solids Ceramic tile collection. Trust that you will stand out with your flashy patterns no matter where you are, but even more so against this tasteful pallet of colors!

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