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Interceramic Travertino Royale Ceramic

Interceramic Travertino

Even though it sounds like Travertino Royale an Italian James Bond movie, it is actually a porcelain stone tile that offers a gorgeous travertine appearance. The two actually have quite a lot in common: Travertino Royale has a license to kill… bad taste! So if your home looks like the evil lair of Shag Carpet Galore, or if it looks like Dr. Vinyl took revenge on your floors, then let Agent Interceramic Travertino Royal come to your rescue! Agent Travertino Royale is dressed to kill in any one of four breathtaking disguises. Goldfinger has nothing on Travertino’s tasteful pallet of dappled radiance as seen in the Royale Gold selection of ceramic tiles. Always in Her Majesty’s service, Agent Travertino must be seen as suave under pressure, and he does so in Royale Ivory. This is a floor you can seduce a beautiful woman on while doing the Tango, and killing your opponent with your silk pocket square / secret nerve gas dispenser all at the same time! What pairs nicely with a little international espionage and romance? The naughty and nice Royale Noce flooring. And lastly, Travertino Royale likes his own Royale Walnut floors like he likes his international female conquests: as varied in shades from naughty Nordic women to the dark supple beauties of Brazil and Africa and all that the Orient has to offer. Agent Travertino Royale can be obtained in 24" x 24", 16" x 24", and 16" x 16" sizes as well as a 16“ x 16“ mosaic. Your mission, should you accept it, is to order and install the international tile of mystery known as Interceramic Travertino Royale!