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Interceramic Tumbled Slate

Interceramic Tumbled Slate Decor - Discount Stone Tile at Ecomoso


The Interceramic Tumbled Slate Wall Decorative Collection doesn’t just bear striking resemblance of natural stone tile, it is genuine slate that makes up this series of high-quality tumbled stone mosaics specifically made to enhance the beauty of your walls. This collection goes hand-in-hand with the Interceramic Natural Slate Collection of slate flooring and wall decos, and not only provides the look of genuine slate in any residential or commercial project, it also offers a slew of slate deco pieces that make stunning and cohesive design a breeze. This series is the perfect option if you are seeking natural beauty in your home, but is also eco-friendly LEED Certified stone tile, and will aid you in reducing your carbon footprint. Enhancing the look of any design aesthetic has made this series popular among architects, interior designers, homeowners, builders and contractors alike. The collection allows for a vast array of beautiful home decor as well, as this series adds a touch of nature to your project and can move between modern design and classic design with ease.

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