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Interceramic Vesubio Ceramic Tile

Interceramic Vesubio Ceramic Tile

If you don’t have the sensible mind to choose the Vesubio ceramic collection from Interceramic for your home installation, then it’s best you take your self to an institution for the mentally unsound. There is nothing not beautiful or not awesome or not invigorating about this magnificent collection from Interceramic. Perfect Italian marble copy has been captured in the Vesubio collection for the vintage lovers who also like modern stuff.

Choose from Interceramic’s Vesubio Napoles Brown, Pompeia Gray, Stabias Beige and Greco Ivory for authentic looking Greek and Roman marble decoration. Vesubio has one particularly special piece under the title of Universal Glazed in 20x20 which suspiciously looks like a depiction of Athena’s owl for your tacky floor decoration needs. Lay it well enough and instead of tackiness, you may achieve a sort of subtle class. Of course to make that happen, the furniture, the couture and the fittings have to fall in line as well so you make sure you get the most flamboyant decorator in town.

Decorated in unending patterns and blooms are the Vesubio decorative wall tiles such as the Flower Beige Glazed, Flower Ivory Glazed, Octo Beige Glazed and Octo Ivory Glazed. Just to throw you in a little bit of decorative love confusion the Vesubio also has Planks Beige Glazed and Planks Ivory Glazed both available in 10x20 for all your wall tiling needs.

If you are going to decorate your homes in themes especially following the European old world order then the Vesubio collection will not look out of place at all. If you have planned pillars for your living room, decorated plaster ceilings and arches for your stairs, this is one collection that will fall into place. Also, if you had just returned home with a Mediterranean man or woman in tow, the interior design that was made with the Vesubio in mind will be duly noted and appreciated so don’t waste any time!