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Jeffrey Court Align

Jeffrey Court Align

Whether you conduct your life organically and haphazardly or you keep everything just so and in its place, the Align series by Jeffrey Stone is exactly what you need. Maybe your vertebrae aren’t aligned. Maybe you and your significant other’s goals aren’t aligned. And maybe your career isn’t aligning with your hopes of becoming a world renowned jazz musician. At least, thanks to Jeffrey Court, your sanctum sanctorum can be filled with Align.

The word align as it relates to space, refers to symmetry and means "to be placed in a line", or alignment with another being means "to bring components or parts into a desirable coordination." Bring some order to the chaos that is your life with a design objective that highlights clean linear lines and shapes. With drop-dead gorgeous natural stone this series seamlessly incorporates organic earthen materials with chic geometric lines and angles, creating a depth of character that even Bill Murray would wall on his knees for.

Getting down on your knees is no problem on these perfect specimens. All of the stone finishes are honed to a smooth, shiny, satiny surface that compliments the series’ simple design elements.

Use the Align series to inspire you to get your chickens in a row, start using your day planner again and take a visit to the Container Store – it really is the best thing since Ikea and sliced bread. No one wants to add to the pre-existing chaos orbiting your kitchen island. Rather, the Align series features eight distinctive mosaic patterns assembled in a tight and clean, minimalist style.

Plus, with three patterns in monochromatic color, and a remaining five patterns offered in beautiful multicolor blends you can choose the level of variation and interest that you introduce to your abode.