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Jeffrey Court Stream Stone

Jeffrey Court Stream Stone

The Stream Stone collection by Jeffrey Court brings an ultra-modern flare to natural stone, so we can all exhale finally. This uber-chic collection of muted stone draws its inspiration from contemporary Scandinavian style known for modern, sleek, and functional beauty. No one even really knows what is going on up there, but it must be good because they eat putrefied shark and live in the dark for six months out of every year, still managing to produce the most beautiful specimens and approving wildly of their progressive government’s schemes. They are not taking applications for citizenship at the moment, so consider bringing a bit of the sleek and Scandinavian Stream Stone collection before you try eating old shark meat please.

The collection includes a choice selection of three city slicker colors: Global Grey, Transitional Taupe, West End White, and two very contemporary finishes: brushed and honed. Also in the collection as vast as the Aurora Borealis in May are a wide variety of listello, border, cap and dome combinations, as well as 13 beautiful natural stone mosaics in Sleek, Modernique and Modish to aid in the design of that perfect and super modern atmosphere you never thought you could pull off. Whether you live in a log cabin or a beach hut, this cool and urban collection can turn any space into a hip home in an instant.

Clean, geometric shapes adorn the mosaic panels in metro-chic muted hues. Bring all fifty shades of gray into your life if you want to crawl out from under your great-grandmother’s afghan and run with the big dogs. An added bonus, simple, modern and chic tiles leave you free to go crazy with your wardrobe. Just make sure you button the collar all the way up – it is all the rage in Scandinavia right now.