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Karndean Art Select Oak Premier Vinyl

Karndean Art Select Oak Premier Vinyl

The Art Select Oak Premier Vinyl installed in your living areas will make activities like eating, cooking and living indeed something unique. These really comfortable and classic look collection will take you from the beautiful, golden tones of Dawn Oak through to the statement, pitch black hues of Midnight Oak.

If you are look to achieve a consistent flow in your home by pairing full sized planks with matching parquet designs in open plan living spaces, Karndean’s Art Select Oak Premier Vinyl is one of the best products in the market. They are also incredibly beautifully to achieve the look of adjoining ‘room to room’ layouts.

Living in a modern, uniquely small apartment sometimes can be quite challenging to decorate or find the perfect furnishings for but with Karndean’s Art Select Oak Premier Vinyl, one part of the puzzle is already solved with decoration. The other part is choosing the right kind of color and texture in terms of fitting, curtains and furnishing. Take a look at the four available designs under the collection, which are Midnight Oak, Sundown Oak, Dusk Oak and Dawn Oak.

For little apartments, you may find something dark like Midnight Oak a little claustrophobic but do consider Dawn Oak or the layered in grey tones Dusk Oak. Achieve a seamless room to room look especially if you only have three rooms to spare like in a studio apartment. Your bedroom may be overlooking the kitchen and the living room where dining is mostly done on the side of a couch. You don’t need a mix match flooring for this set-up just choose these big planks and match them up with large, goofy sofas that sits three or four at a time. If you are going for a more professional elegant look then consider having finely made cane furniture instead for a touch of resort living.