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Karndean Art Select Vinyl

Karndean Art Select Vinyl

Select the Art Select Vinyl from Karndean if fancy is what fancies you in flooring choices. Everyone has to choose a flooring once in their life unless they are homeless. Most people would like to put a touch of themselves in their new abode, especially is an old house is bought. Who wants to live in an old house with old, creeping floorboards when you can have fancy new flooring like the ones offered under Karndean’s Art Select Vinyl.

If you are buying an old house, especially one that has been well used by the previous owners, there is no way you want to leave those old floorboards on because you don’t what kind of ghosts these flooring can contain. It could be old germs, viruses, dried up dog feces, baby poo and probably even a real ghostie.

To make sure you don’t have to deal with all these, a new flooring is the way to go and what more if you can have a line that looks not only beautiful but durable too at least until the next owners come along. Karndean’s Art Select Vinyl has some choice looking designs under its title. Under the Hickory varieties are Hickory Nutmeg, Hickory Paprika, Hickory Peppercorn, Hickory Cinnamon and Hickory Almond.

Not to be outdone is the Oak variety in Summer Oak, Autumn Oak, Spring Oak and Winter Oak. Cherry is covered with Spanish Cherry, Seneca Cherry and Santina Cherry while Maples are in Natural, Coffee, Cajun and Toasted. Looking like a herringbone dream are the Auburn Oak and Black Oak.

The Art Select Vinyl line is available in sizes of 6x36, 7x48 and the herringbones in 3x36 to adorn your old house and to bring about a new era change. Nobody should be subjected to old ghosts from old flooring no matter how well kept they look.