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Karndean Da Vinci Plank Vinyl

Karndean Da Vinci Plank Vinyl

Nothing could beat the look of a 3x36 and even so with something as exceptional as Karndean’s Da Vinci Plank Vinyl collection. Actually, for the real art and Renaissance connoisseur, you would not be the addressing the great Renaissance father as “Da Vinci” but as Leonardo as Da Vinci is the name of the town he is from. If you are a big Leonardo fan and not of the Caprio kind but the Da Vinci kind, then Karndean’s Da Vinci Plank Vinyl is a wonderful choice for your home. Have a look thought all the exceptional designs under the title and see what are the most suitable look for your rooms. Perhaps, you would like to choose different styles for different rooms because different rooms are utilized for different purposes. Some people would like to have a seamless look throughout their homes with just one type of flooring and that is OK too.

Under the Karndean’s Da Vinci Plank Vinyl, you are welcomed to choose Arno Smoked Oak, Australian Walnut, Canadian Maple, Florence Mid Oak, French Chesnut, Fresco Light Oak, Italian Beech, Kenyan Tigerwood, Lorenzo Warm Oak, Materia Dark Oak, Medici Merbau, Norwegian Spruce and Spanish Cedar.

After you have chosen on of these Da Vinci’s from Karndean, you can start designing your own renaissance artwork that will your home. Will you be decorating your living rooms with old Italian inspired furniture with faux paintings depicting baby Jesus, angels, cherubs and the like? Or, will you be going for a totally modern, chic look where minimalism will play the biggest part?

How about having parts of your home decorated according to the modern times and part where you can cozily enjoy vintage eras with vintage book shelves and marble sculptures accompanying your side tables? You can think about mixing in the modern and the vintage by having an old fashion wine rack as a decoration in your modern living room. This is not a unique idea and in fact is practical. With the Da Vinci Vinyl Planks, your ideas will come to life in many different ways.