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Karndean Knight Plank Vinyl

Karndean Knight Plank Vinyl

You won’t be seeing Michael Knight coming in to install your new Karndean’s Knight Plank Vinyl because that’s not part of the package but you will have a home worthy of 21st century just like his car, Kitt. Because of the infatuation with gadgets and new technology, you would want to also have your home featuring all the latest new technology in home appliances.

To go together with such a 21st century home, you would also need something new and modern looking like Karndean’s Knight Plank Vinyl collection. Wood look doesn’t have to always be traditional as they can be perfectly modern too. so go ahead and mess up your house with all kinds of wires, connectors, gadgets, remotes and what have you and Karndean’s Knight Plank Vinyl would not be in the way.

Browse through the collection and choose from Aran Oak, Bray Oak, Plank Cedar, Plank Elm, Larne Oak, Laurel, Pear, Pitch Pine, Sienna, Sycamore, Walnut, Pale Limed, Lime Washed Oak, White Painted Oak, Limed Oak, Classic Limed Oak and Aged Oak. There is something interesting in the collection for everyone wanting something funky for new age.

Fill you living room with a theatre sound system where Dolby stereo sound might sound like a radio. Match that up with a 60 inch wide screen tv if you have the space and sports or documentaries would seem like you are actually there either attending a match or watching a live crocodile baby birth. If you are on a strict diet, make sure you don’t go anywhere near the MasterChef shows because you would be inspired to eat more than what your diet menu has on it.

Better yet, you can find all sorts of ways you can hook-up your tv with your computer and even to your game console. Now, that is what you call a real virtual living of the 21st century, the one even Michael Knight has never dreamt off!