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Karndean LooseLay Tile Vinyl

Karndean LooseLay Tile Vinyl

The Karndean LooseLay Tile Vinyl series is here to remind everywhere why the great United States of America is just so gosh darn great. We love America not only because the people are the most beautiful and intelligent and interesting people that a person could come across, but also because we have thousands of miles of enchanting and varying landscapes. The obviously-patriotic creative minds at Karndean created the LooseLay Tile Vinyl series as a sort of ode to American beauty. In case any of us could have possibly forgotten all about the shades of pretty just around every corner from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Karndean came out with a tile series that is environmentally conscious, reusable and affordable – whether you live in uptown Manhattan or Cody, Wyoming. With all the charm and looks of the bedrock of America in a recyclable vinyl, the LooseLay Tile series will bring crowds to their feet with hands over hearts faster than Stevie Wonder at the halftime show. Track a little gritty, rusty Texas dust into your space, lay some Colorado slate in your living space when you find yourself missing the majestic Rockies, or incorporate some rosy Arizona redrock into your reckless, rockless room if you just can’t get enough time off from work to hike the Grand Canyon and finish all four seasons of Downton Abbey before this year’s Season 5 premiere. We know you have priorities; so did our Founding Fathers.

Say a silent Pledge of Allegiance every single day when you buy a bit of Texas, Indiana, Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada or Georgia to stick inside your spaces. Then you can throw out those flag-patterned jean shorts because, well, they’re not classy and jean shorts always ride up funny – even if you’ve been doing Crossfit religiously for four weeks (you know who you are). Just get the tile and get rid of those shorts; for Abe and for Reagan.