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Karndean Michaelangelo Tile Vinyl

Karndean Michaelangelo Tile Vinyl

If you are not sure why the Karndean’s Michaelangelo Tile Vinyl is named as such, you have no hope in heaven in Art 101. But that’s alright because now we will tell you why the Karndean’s Michaelangelo Tile Vinyl is special by explaining who the great Michaelanegelo was.

Kardean’s have taken the liberty of inspiring themselves after one of the world’s greatest painter and sculptor of all time, the High Renaissance man Michaelangelo Simoni. Michaelangelo’s unparalleled influence on the Western art is magnified in two of his best know works, La Pieta, a depiction of the body of Christ in his mother’s lap after the crucifixion and David, the biblical hero who is immortalized in a 17’ marble statue in Florence. Another one of his most famous artwork is the painting of the Last Judgement from the book of Genesis in the Chapel of Sistine in Rome.

With such a resume, it is not wonder that a line such as the Kardena’s Michaelangelo Tile Vinyl is named after thus. You don’t have to only opt for Italian furniture or themes with this line being laid in your home as they are versatile and fluid in nature. Squares with pieces that look like a mosaic mural put together are available under titles such as Adriatic Blue, Ancient Onyx, Neapolitan Brick, Umbrian Nero and Venetian Blue in 12x12 sizes.

Such patterns that may be found in luxury fabrics that will be perfect to go with designer curtains are the Atomic and Comet design coming in 16x16 sizes. Like a ling winding road paved with pebbles in an old Roman general’s house are the Galician Quartz and Navarra Chalk, available in 12x12 too. Lastly, the Tungsten piece is what the old Romans would have thought how germs looked like in those days using very fine cut glass to look through specimens. Use any of these to inspire yourself like the great artist himself and spread your decoration wings.