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Karndean Opus Tile Vinyl

Karndean Opus Tile Vinyl

Stop looking everywhere for large format tiles to fulfil that new government office contract that landed on your lap accidentally because Karndean’s Vinyl Opus Tile has it. You know as a building contractor you need to impress the pants off any new clients and it is going to be hard with clients who are corporations, like the government. Government offices are anything but small and there sure will be much space to fill up, which is why your best bet will be large format tiles in 36x36 and 18x24.

The Karndean’s Vinyl Opus Tile range is exactly the kind of intimidating tiles you need for intimidating set-ups where intimidating people work. The look of the offices should be scary enough with the scariest people on earth so that the public will just give up even before they reach there to do any kind of authoritative work. To achieve this kind of success, the Karndean’s Vinyl Opus Tile is suitable.

Just look at all the intimidation in 18x28 sizes these babies will bring to any authoritative offices. Choose from Russus, Aurego, Robigo, Clarus, Atlantic Slate, Texo, Vita, Lapis, Albus, Ferra Metallic, Forma Stone, Urbus Stone, Terra, Nero and Nimbus Stone. Set one of these at the most forefront of the building, something like the Atlantic Slate in 36x36 and you can see the confusion it will immediately bring to any public who have beef with the authorities.

An immediate shutdown of the brain function will happen when you have however installed Texo in 18x24 instead. Either by the sheer magnificence of the vinyl tiles itself or just by all the crazy gothic like designs that usually government buildings would go for. For internal reception area, a cool and calming environment in the form of Albus in 18x24 might be stupefying and the cool demeanour of the government receptionist might enhance that feeling even more. Use Karndean’s Vinyl Opus Tile in such ways that will enable you to get another contract with the people in the government.