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Karndean Van Gogh Plank Vinyl

Karndean Van Gogh Plank Vinyl

There is no surprise here with why Kardean’s has chosen the name Van Gogh for this particular vinyl plank range. The name Van Gogh is synonym with beautiful paintings that cost thirty million dollars a pop and also mental illness. Dutch painter Van Gogh has painted some of the most amazingly beautiful paintings in the world and paid a heavy price for them with his internal problems. Although he died as a pauper, his paintings later became legendary and sought after by the world’s richest people.

Well, you don’t have to have great art appreciation not a million dollars to get Karndean’s Vinyl Van Gogh Plank as a home flooring addition. Just simply look through the catalogue and have a feel for the kind of design you would like your home to have. Kardean’s Vinyl Van Gogh Plank captures the character of real timer with the choicest of designs. Have a look at arty like Aged Kauri, Antique Karri, Aukland Oak and Bracken. Think about having these in your most visited areas like the kitchen that has a lot of recipes simmering over the stuff all day.

The reddish Copper Gum may be suitable for classically designed dining areas where baroque style furniture fit for King Louis XIII graces. Alternatively, try the Burnt Ginger, Christchurch Oak and Ghost Wood for a later chic French influenced interior design. The Jatoba, Lamington Cedar, Lancewood and Macrocapra are all suitable for your inspired by silence living room. This is a living room where no tv nor stereo systems are permitted but is adorned with shelves and shelves of books like a mini library.

Matai, Melbourne Larch, Merbau, Reclaimed Maple and Rimu can be candidates for your other living room where noise and children’s laughter are allowed. These long planks will look perfect with soft decoration themes where you can hang a copy of Van Gogh’s Sunflower as an eye candy. For a look where you might want to have lots of fabrics in the room, go for Rimu, Smoked Oak, Tallow Wood, Tasmanian Wattle and Wellington Oak which will give the texture you need for variety.