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Konecto Prestige Collection

Konecto Prestige Collection

Complex wood graining, charming character knots and blends of warm tones bring luxury to the home with modern day conveniences through the Konecto Prestige vinyl flooring collection. An immaculate interpretation of hardwood, these resilient vinyls infuse warmth, comfort and a welcoming personality into every square inch of the home. Featuring top-of-the-line quality with elegant detailing of highly sought after wood species, Prestige is an environmentally friendly alternative that likewise carries a timeless grace and beauty that will be cherished for generations. Built to withstand above average wearing, fading and moisture, Prestige’s trusted durability is backed by easy maintenance requirements allowing for ease of mind living. With a ceramic bead finish for added underfoot comfort and noise reduction, these exclusive vinyl floors are the epitome of decadence and luxury, available at an affordable price.

With adhesive-free applications, these 6”x48” vinyl planks provide amplified detailing while consistently creating a balanced, in vogue environment all will love. Cherished by designers and homeowners alike, choose from a distinct selection of ten diverse finishes, catering to a wide range of décor styles. The finish of Traditional creates drama with its distinctly dark chocolate complexion with faint hints of charcoal grays for multidimensional appeal. Conversely, the lightest finish of Walnut reveals an opulent whitewashed glow perfect for the shabby chic interiors. Meeting in the middle, Beach is a delicious caramelized finish offering a rugged personality for added edge to the traditional décor. A distinct collection, Konecto Prestige is the perfect choice in resilient, time-tested flooring that will instantly add volume and inviting comfort to the home for decades.