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Lauzon Designer Collection Antique Series

Lauzon Antique Series Hardwood

Lauzon Antique Series brings classic to the modern age

The fresh look of the Lauzon Antique Series Hardwood collection is anything but old and played out! These classic planks come in a wide variety of exquisite shades and in your choice of either the solid or engineered hardwood options so that your home can look as charming as you think you are! Widths vary from 3¼”, 4¼”, and 5 3/16” wide so you can select the appropriate dimension for the scale of your home. All the flooring in the Lauzon Antique Series Hardwood collection is a generous ¾” thick for a lifetime of elegant wear! Here are some of our favorites from the Lauzon Antique Series. The sweet, light shade of Beech Camarillo solid hardwood flooring is perfect for having tea in the parlor with the Ladies Who Lunch. Betula Copper engineered flooring is smashing in the the den, when the gentlemen withdraw for brandy and cigars after dinner. If Betula Antique Cherry were a man, let’s just say he would be the perfect lover; handsome in the bedroom and tasteful in the formal dining room, this is a floor for all seasons! Whatever floor color you decide upon in the Lauzon Antique hardwood series, one thing is certain: you are investing in a timeless look that enhances the value of your home! And when you order through Ecomoso, rest assured, you are purchasing your materials at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere. So go ahead and place your order for Lauzon Antique hardwood flooring today!