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Lauzon Designer Collection International Series

Lauzon International Series Hardwood

Globe trot through Lauzon International Series

It could be a tough toss up to decide your favorite thing about Iquitos, Peru and the rest of the gorgeous Amazonian Regions of South America.  Are the delicious meats and wine and other funky and cultural food fairs the best part?  Perhaps the charming ancient Inca civilization culture and their spiritual ceremonies?  Nope, it has got to be the hardwood floor, at least for the Elegance Aficionados and Diva Design Devotees as some of the most intense, intricate and cultured hardwoods descend on us from these remarkably lush parts of the world.  Africa Great Plains and forests contribute to this collection as well as our dynamic dynasties of the Southern Asian regions, where a majority of today’s Mahogany is manufactured. Lauzon International Series has brought you all of your favorite gorgeous global greats in a format that will leave you as excited as when you began your soul searching journey into the unknowns of the world in these beautiful and resource rich regions of the world, with the International NextStep collection and the never ending list of accolades that come with it.

Lauzon offers state of the art construction that makes what they call, Fusion Engineered flooring, where they implement the dry-saw process of solid wood floors, to cutting the surface that is normally cut wet or rolled off by other manufacturers, then combines this thick and re-finish able surface with durable engineered support to bring you the most durable and thoroughly plotted wood product on the market today.  International NextStep combines the beauty of African Sapele, American Cherry, Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany and Tigerwood with state of the art NextStep technology as well as Polynium+ with Titanium Traffic and Ultra Fresh finishes ensuring that your exotics will endure and be economical and efficient to care for.  Rich colors with natural and funky finishes like Atlantic Portobello and Atlantic Natural on Black Walnut and Auburn and Truffle for American Cherry.  With the ability to combine 3.25” and 5 3/16 for funky, fresh and fashion forward designs or stick with one and be traditionally contemporary, have at it because you will be sure to shine no matter what you choose with International NextStep from Lauzon.