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Lauzon Designer Collection Line Art Series

Lauzon Line Art Series

Make your next masterpiece with Lauzon Line Art Series

For some, decorating a house is more than just finding “nice” flooring that will look “good” with the other items and accouterments in the space.  For others, they want the utmost in elegance and class, with respectable hardwood that showcase the inherent nature of these hard wood marvels that represent timeless traditions. Then, there is you.  You don’t care what everyone else wants, you have style.  Your home shines with sophistication and culture that is unrivaled by any of your friends and admired by all of your neighbors.  You are couture, chic and posh, and Lauzon Line Art is the line for you.  Imagine implementing the sexy stone qualities of some of our mineralized favorites and applying them to trendy, smoky hardwood finishes, yes, it is that good.  Aside from being one of the hottest and distinguishable lines on the market today, you get all of the excellence that comes with owning a Lauzon hardwood floor at the best price out there.

Lauzon is known for finishing all of their hardwoods with Polynium+ with Titanium Traffic ensuring that your gorgeous and grey granular pattern will shine on for the life of the floor and Ultra Fresh makes cleaning a breeze so that you may spend your time as the entertainment enthusiast you are.  NextStep Line Art features the state of the art fusion flooring technology originated by Lauzon, allowing you the true solid plank appearance that is able to be refinished, yet is backed up with durable support making it everything that you love about engineered and hardwood in one product, that with Micro-V edging will have everyone believing you flew overseas to handpicked your perfectly poised hardwood floor.  Not impressed yet or on the fence, don’t forget that five fantastic colors, Agate, Brown, Tiger Eye and Travertine, available in 3.25” planks and even a 4.25” for the Agate finish will accentuate, organize and align your space perfectly.  Whether you are avant-garde, feng shui or just plain funky, Lauzon has light-hearted luxury with serious style appeal in the Line Art NextStep collection.