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Lauzon Designer Collection Reserva Series

Lauzon Reserva Series Hardwood

Decorate your VIP room with Lauzon Reserva Series

The Lauzon Reserva hardwood collection has a signature ombre look featuring dark auburns and light blondes and all the gradients in between within the same plank! This is a hot look that most hairdressers would charge an arm and a leg for doing to your hair - yet this is what nature does with ease in these amazing ¾” solid hardwood planks! Take that, Jose Eber! In fact, you may want to save some of the scrap wood to weave into your next hairdo along with those extensions! The Lauzon Reserva hardwood collection lets you choose from three species of hardwoods in either 3 ¼” or a 5 3/16” widths: the mesmerizing wood grains and fluid honey patterns of Ash Sumatra; the fine detail and rich syrup color pallet of Hard Maple Borneo; the dark mahoganies and tidy timbers of White Oak Cerralvo. With such sumptuous options, you’ll have no reservations about installing Reserva solid hardwood flooring in your home. In fact, the hardest part is simply choosing which one to take home! Once you have decided which flooring to go with in the Lauzon Reserva hardwood collection, simply place your order with Ecomoso! Your new floor will arrive in 2-5 days ready for you to install by glue, staple, or nail technique and walk on that same night! Or in the case of your hair, simply stick it through your messy bun like hair chopsticks… Oh - you’ll get looks, alright! Place your order for Lauzon Reserva hardwood today!