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Lauzon Essential Collection

Lauzon Essential Collection

Treat yourself to the very best with Lauzon Hardwood Essentials

The impressive selection of the Lauzon Essentials Collection is entirely comprised of solid hardwood flooring, and has more options than a Godiva chocolate box on Mother’s Day! They don’t quite melt in your mouth the same way a truffle would, but you will certainly keep your figure if you lick these “flooring pops” instead! All planks in the Lauzon Essentials collection are available in either the classic narrow 2 ¼” plank, or the more contemporary 3 ¼” width and are a full ¾” thick for long lasting beauty and durable wear. Choose from hearty Maple, rustic Red Oak, or yummy Yellow Birch in any one of the following colors: creamy Café Au Lait, stoic Cape Cod, spicy Chai Tea, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate, toaty Gingerbread, happy-go-lucky Natural, or sophisticated Smoky Gray. See, they even sound delicious! But we don’t recommend you actually give mom a box of wood chips this year unless she is a beaver… and let’s just not even go there! Besides, have you ever tried walking on chocolate? It’s just really sticky and when it melts it is a slip-and-fall law suit just waiting to happen! (I don’t think Homeowner’s Insurance covers injury due to confection related incidents.) One look at the Lauzon Essentials collection, and you’ll see why it is a staple in classic floor design options! You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to see how these natural solid wood floor boards will light up a room and warm a house to make it feel like a welcoming home! Organic, beautiful, and sleek, you can’t go wrong with Lauzon Essentials!